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safety surface in use at a pool and some stairs

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Safety Surface combines polymer resins with 100% virgin granule rubber to create a surface unlike any other product in today’s fast changing market. Safety Surface is durable and long lasting and unlike other surfacing products, Safety Surface will move and stretch with the ground movement.

Safety Surface can be installed in a wide variety of areas. Some common installations include Anti-Fatigue Flooring, Pools, Decks, Concrete Resurfacing, Rubber Playground Equipment Safety

Safety Surface is available in several colors. Matching a décor is simple and easy with the wide variety of color combinations to create a safe, comfortable and beautiful surface.

Safety Surface has won the 2009,2010, and 2011 Best of Oklahoma City Award in the Playground Construction & Equipment category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

Safety Surface is proud to be affiliated with ASTM International

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